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Rare Lextra Sporting ID Season 2006-2008 Champions League Starball Player Issue Arm Patch


Official Rare Lextra Sporting ID Metro 

Champions League Starball Arm Patch With White Coloured Rear 

Seasons 2006-2008   

Player Issue   

Brand New


Condition :- New

Manufacturer :- Lextra ( Sporting ID Senscilia )

Clubs :- Multiple

Season / Seasons :-2006-2008

Replica or Player Issue :- Player Issue

Number Of Arm Patches Included :- One

Arm Patch Application :- Apply To Right Sleeve Of Player Issue Shirt

Suitability For Long Or Short Sleeves:- Suitable For Applying To Both Long & Short Sleeve Shirts

Application Instructions :- Per Lextra Sporting ID Original Application Instructions

Application Liability Concerning Shirts And Patches :- Please Refer To Section 12 Of Our Terms And Conditions