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CelticPlayerIssue is a family run business and duly listed with ' Companies House ' in the United Kingdom.  Our company has office facilities sited within the peaceful hamlet of Clynder, ( pronounced klin - der ), on a West coast peninsula of Scotland. 

We are geographically surrounded by three combined stretches of water namely the Gare Loch to the East, the Clyde Estuary to the South and finally Loch Long to the West. Our business premises nestles neatly into the hillside overlooking the tranquil waters of the Gareloch.  

The landscape to our rear comprises Scottish Pine forestry, reclaimed slate quarries plus an array of heather covered hills which once served as expansive Apiaries for locally produced honey.

Our picture postcard village was built during the industrial revolution Victorian era in the late 1880's. The homes were erected as elaborate weekend retreats for Glasgow's elite society who'd set sail down the Firth Of Clyde on Friday afternoons. Family members and servants would disembark from the paddle steamers at Clynder Pier then complete the short journey via horse and carriage to their respective dwellings. 


The local dwellings and rolling hills have essentially remained unchanged for the past 130 years. The limited population share the beautiful panoramic views with the equally stunning wildlife. One of Scotland's most famous tourist attractions and beauty spots namely Loch Lomond is roughly 5 miles to our East. 

Our separate warehouse facilities are located within a 30 minute drive from the office. For those interested in Celtic history the name of our office premises ' Invergare ' originates from our Celtic / Gaelic tongue whereby ' Inver ' denotes ' top / head of ' whilst ' Gare ' signifies the name of the loch.

Having dedicated many years of my working life to the Scottish legal profession, I felt an ever increasing desire towards an alternate career path. The quest for a new challenge resulted in me forming a lucrative retail business selling high end photographic equipment on a then new auction style website phenomenon called Ebay. 

My financial growth replicated Ebay's increase in popularity but I regularly questioned the longevity of my business model on two fronts. The first being the slow decline in photographic film related sales with the other being the increased manufacture of disposable style digital products. The cameras and lenses previously made from robust high grade metallic bodies including titanium and aspherical optics were replaced with flimsy inferior plastic alternatives. The dramatic fall in standards conflicted with my retailing ethics. I was forced into seeking alternate ways to while away my hours in a manner neither driven by money or profit margins. 

Preceding the global downturn in financial markets, I studied several accountancy reports and future projections published by sports specialists Deloitte's ( www2.deloitte.com ) based in England. The information garnered eventually led me to identify a possible niche market in future years. The product concerned was football player issue merchandise. In years gone by, most football fans were unaware of their existence let alone their superior quality and detailing differences in comparison to replica products normally purchased in sports shop or club stores.  

This indirectly led me to a subject close to my heart - Celtic Football Club with whom I've been a lifelong fan and long standing season ticket holder. I've subsequently devoted many years of my life stockpiling original and authentic Celtic superior player issue products as well as official back catalogue replica strips which have, through the passage of time, became highly sought after merchandise