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Rare Lextra Sporting ID Seasons 2010-2014 Champions League Starball Player Issue Arm Patch Without Protective Film


Official Rare Lextra Sporting ID Metro 

Champions League Starball Arm Patch With Inserted Mini Starball's  Showing To The Front 

These Are The Mark Three Version Starball Patches For The 2010-2014 Seasons

They Were Manufactured Without The Former Protective Film Attached To The Front

The Rear Of The Arm Patch Displays Five Black Marks   

Player Issue   

Brand New


Condition :- New

Manufacturer :- Lextra ( Sporting ID Senscilia )

Clubs :- Multiple

Season / Seasons :-2010-2011 , 2011-2012 , 2012-2013 & 2013-2014

Replica or Player Issue :- Player Issue

Number Of Arm Patches Included :- One

Arm Patch Application :- Apply To Right Sleeve Of Player Issue Shirt

Suitability For Long Or Short Sleeves:- Suitable For Applying To Both Long & Short Sleeve Shirts

Application Instructions :- Per Lextra Sporting ID Original Application Instructions

Application Liability Concerning Shirts And Patches :- Please Refer To Section 12 Of Our Terms And Conditions

Comments :- Sporting ID Mark Three Version Arm Patch Displaying Mini Starball Inserts With Five Black Marks To Rear